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10 Of The Best Houseplant Cleaning Tips

Do you want to discover the most effective methods for keeping the leaves of your indoor plants looking fresh and healthy? Learn 10 Easy Ways to Keep Your Houseplants Clean!

Dusty indoor plants are not only ugly and obscure the show of vibrant foliage, but they also make it difficult for the plant to photosynthesize. Here are some of the most crucial Basic Tips for Cleaning Your Houseplants so that they always look their best and stay healthy!

2. Spray with Water

Giving houseplants like aloe and crown of thorns a shower bath is the easiest method to clean them. Keep an eye on the water pressure because it has the potential to wash the growing medium out of the pot.

Also, make sure that all of the extra water drains out of the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot.

Cleaning the plants’ leaves in the morning and then leaving them in direct morning sunshine for 3-4 hours is a good idea.

10 Of The Best Houseplant Cleaning Tips

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