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Fabulous space-saving decorative garden ideas you shouldn’t miss

Most people believe that gardening requires a large outdoor space. That is not entirely true, with the right idea; you could create a beautiful garden even in the smallest spaces. Besides, small gardens are beautiful and decorative. In this article, we will display a selection of the fabulous space-saving decorative gardens. Check them out and you will the perfect decoration for your small outdoor living space.

  1. Outdoor Furniture garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 1

If you have some old rustic furniture, you could repurpose it to create this fabulous small garden. This space-saving decorative garden does not require much effort. All you need to do is fill the drawers with soil and plant your garden in it. Of course, you could use other old furniture beside the dresser.

  1. Gutter garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 2

A hanging gutter garden is an excellent idea to enjoy gardening and to adorn your place. The best part of creating a gutter garden is you have control over its size. You decide the number of gutters to use, thus, you decide how big your garden will be.  Gutters are suitable to plant herbs, flower, and vegetables. You should only keep in mind to place your gutter garden in a sunny spot.

  1. Pallet garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 3

Pallets are cheap and they are widely available. They are an excellent choice for a small space-saving garden. You could transform them into appealing vertical gardens. Pallets gardens will provide you with the space you need for gardening without occupying much space in your yard.

To create a vertical pallet garden, first, put your pallets in a vertical position, then attach your containers to them using zip ties, fill the containers with soil and start planting.

  1. Hanging pots garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 4

This is one of the most space-saving decorative gardens. It is extremely beautiful and it is ideal for porches and balconies. Whether you live in an apartment or a small house, this is the best way to create an ornamental garden. Paint your containers in different colors to create a fabulous colorful view and then hang them. Since they are portable, you could grow any plant you want in them.

  1. Vertical pots garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 5

Vertical pots garden is an ideal choice for decoration and for gardening. Terracotta pots are recommended for this type of garden as they are tough and they can last longer than any other kind of pots. Stake your pots vertically, fill them with soil and start planting.  You will have a tiny but extremely beautiful garden. It will be a nice porch or front door embellishment.

  1. Tree stump garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 6

This is a creative idea to make use of tree stumps. If you have a tree in your garden you want to chop, you should do it. Don’t worry about killing the stump, you can transform it into an alluring small garden.  This is an excellent way to save the costs of removing the trump as well as to save some space in your garden. Herbs and flowers grow perfectly on tree stumps.

  1. Tower garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 7

If you are looking for a unique small garden that will occupy much space and will adorn your outdoor living area, this tower garden is a perfect choice. It is completely elegant and eye-catching. However, it is a bit expensive. It is available in stores for $2000. I personally believe it is totally worth it.

  1. Bottles garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 8

This is the most expensive way to have a space-saving decorative garden. It is also an easy way to enjoy gardening. First, cut the sides of the bottles and fill them with soil, then plant whatever you want to plant and hang the bottles on your fence, one of your walls or any other vertical space you are not using.  For decorative purposes, you could paint the bottles to make your garden colorful and joyful.

  1. Window boxes garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 9

This idea is perfect for people who live in an urban area where space is extremely rare. If you live in an apartment without a balcony or any other space for gardening, this idea will provide you with adequate space to practice your hobby.  Creating this garden is simple. Just attach some wooden or plastic boxes to your window and plant them.  This way, you will have an amazing garden that will definitely add extra beauty and charm to your place.

  1. Tin cans garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 10

Tin cans are small and they are perfect for gardening. They don’t require much space and they are deep enough to allow plants and herbs to grow freely in them. Besides, you could paint them in any color you believe it suits your decor.

  1. Hanging basket garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 11

Hanging baskets, besides not occupying any of your floor space, they are wonderful. They are fit for both indoors and outdoors gardening. You could hang them in your porch, yard or even in your interior. Hanging basket gardens are extremely ornamental. They are attractive and impressive. You could learn which plants are best for hanging baskets in this article.

  1. Shelves garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 12

Shelves garden is one of the best ways to garden and to embellish your outdoor and indoor. Shelves garden are beautiful and they come in a variety of sizes depending on the shelves you are using. However, one thing for sure, they extremely decorative and they will make your outdoor outstanding and appealing. In order to create such a garden, you will need to buy garden shelves which are widely available and they are not costly.

  1. Hanging colander garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 13

Colanders are beautiful and attractive. They are colorful and shiny. They are definitely a remarkable decoration. Using them as planters will definitely create a splendid garden. They don’t require space and you could hang them with metal chains to have an absolutely wonderful decorative ganging garden.

  1. Coffee cans garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 14

This is an additional reason to love coffee. Coffee can be fantastic planters to create a small garden. Just like tin cans, you can paint them in different colors to have a colorful decorative garden

  1. living wall garden

space-saving decorative garden ideas 15

I saved the best for the last. If you are looking for a decorative garden that will impress and amaze your guests, this is definitely a garden you should opt for. Living wall gardens are generally beautiful, however, this one garden, in particular, is exceptionally beautiful. It will make your outdoor living area remarkably adorable and relaxing.

These are the best 15 space-saving decorative garden ideas. If you have a small outdoor living space you want to decorate with some nature, you should definitely duplicate one of the above ideas. They will allow you to garden as well as decorate your house. If you want to see more decorative garden ideas, you can find them in this post.

Have fun gardening.





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