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13 Attractive DIY Mini Zen Gardens For Tables and Desks

Zen gardens are extremely beautiful and attractive. However, not everyone has enough outdoor space to create one. For those who have limited space, yet, they want to have a zen garden, in this post we have collected a few of the most beautiful mini zen gardens. These mini zen gardens are perfect to decorate desks and tables. They are attractive, showy and most of all easy to create. Scroll down and check them out.

  1. DIY mini Zen Gardens

13 Attractive DIY Mini Zen Gardens For Tables and Desks

This is one of the easiest DIY mini zen gardens. You can use a  polymer clay or balsa wood as a base for this tiny decorative zen garden. The materials you need for this beauty are:

  • sand
  • rocks
  • mini figurines
  • plants

Once you have these materials, check out this Youtube video.

2. Cute Tiny Zen Garden

Although it is quite simple, this zen garden is very alluring and appealing. It is so beautiful that it can serve as a centerpiece decoration. You can place it on the table of your living room or on your desk. All you need to create this zen garden is some stones, sand, and a stirrer. The tutorial is here.

3. Elegant mini zen garden

This beautiful zen garden is not complicated to make. In fact, you can create it using only some small stones and sand. For the base, you can use any available material. Check out this post for more information about this amazing DIY project.

4. Succulent Zen Garden

Succulent plants are very decorative. They are also very popular because they are low maintenance plants. Therefore, they make an ideal addition to any zen garden. Fill a bowl with colorful sand then add succulents to have a lovely mini zen garden. More information is available here.

5. Oasis mini zen gardens

This is one of the most ornamental DIY mini zen gardens. This garden will not only adorn your desk or table but it will also create a peaceful and calm atmosphere. It will help you relax. The instructions for creating this oasis zen garden are available here.

6. Zen Garden Favor Kit

A mini tin is an ideal base to create a zen garden. You can fill it with sand and add succulent to it to have a decorative zen garden favor kit. This tiny zen garden makes an excellent gift and a gorgeous decorative item. If you want to learn how to build it, read this post.

7. Attractive DIY mini zen garden

In order to build this attractive zen garden, you need to use a large shallow container such as a picture frame as a base. Then, fill it with sand, stones, and succulents if you want. See more about this DIY project here.

8. Simple zen garden

If you don’t want to invest your time in making a zen garden, you can have this tiny one in a couple of minutes. This is one of the simplest DIY mini zen gardens. In order to create it, you will need the following:

  • a bowl
  • sand
  • succulent

All the details about this mini zen garden can be found here.

9. Zen Garden Centerpiece

This mini zen garden can serve as the centerpiece of any room or office. Place it on any table or desk and it will make it showy and eye-grabbing. This adorable zen garden is easy to build. You will only need to gather the following materials:

Once you have all the materials, check out this tutorial.

10. Elegant DIY mini zen gardens ideas

You can create elegant DIY mini zen gardens using simple inexpensive materials such as pebbles, candles, and colored sand.

11. Desktop Zen Garden

This DIY zen garden is an interesting project to work on. This project costs you only time as every part of it is DIY.  First, you will need to build a container out of wood scraps. Second, find some pebbles and paint them in the same color as the sand. Fill the container with sand and add the painted pebbles.

12. Chic mini zen garden

This is one of the most creative DIY mini zen gardens. Besides being creative, it is also adorable and easy to build. The addition of crystal is a nice move that adds charm and purity to this garden. You can find the tutorial for this DIY mini zen garden here.

13.  Mini Winter Zen Garden

This is one of the most embellishing DIY mini zen gardens. This winter zen garden will bring beauty and charm to any table or desk. This Youtube video will show you how to build it.

If you found these DIY mini zen gardens attractive and appealing, you should consider creating a real zen garden in your outdoor space. Zen gardens are beautiful, decorative and easy to create. Besides, they are extremely low maintenance. Check out this collection of the most beautiful zen gardens for inspiration.


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